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The Anatomy of a Tent City

by Dennis Harvey 10.13.2011

Since the completion of Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway, it has been criticized for being under utilized. Now, the message from the city seems to be the opposite as police try to curtail the spread of Occupy Boston’s “tent city”. They have set up camp i…

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Vancouver: A City With More Residence Than Workers

by James Conley 10.10.2011

Canada’s 8th largest city with a population of 642,843 and a metropolitan area of 2,328,000 people can be celebrated not only for its beautiful geographical surrounds, but for its excellent land use practices which have only enhanced the natural environment. Vancouver was founded as a Canadian port city by the British for trade with countries across […]

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Whitney Young 1968 Speech to the AIA

by Stephen Klimek 10.05.2011

Originally Republished by ArchVoices   “It’s been more than 30 years since Whitney Young Jr. died and his name is no longer particularly well known, which is a shame.” Whitney Young was the executive director of the National Urba…

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Times Square Transformation Pt. II

by Daley Wilson 09.28.2011

Snøhetta recently unveiled their design for the latest pedestrian-friendly Times Square, which I blogged about last July (Times Square Transformation).  While the simple design may seem a bit “underwhelming” coming from the designers of the spectacular Oslo Opera House and Alexandria Library, the firm presented a smart and appropriate plan for Times Square.  The raised […]

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Seattle: Europe, Japan, and Koolhaas, all under one grey sky

by James Conley 09.20.2011

As this Blog is somewhat devoted to understanding the occurrence of cities historic growth or decline and consider what leading factors have contributed to these changes, I found the form of Seattle’s population trends somewhat unique.  Like many cities in the US, Seattle hit its peak around 1960 with 557,087 people only to fall in 1980  to […]

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Spokane: From Waterfalls to Indoor Malls

by James Conley 08.05.2011

Spokane, located near the Idaho-Washington boarder has been experiencing a fairly consistent population growing rate of 5-15% every decade. Originally settled for its proximity to the Spokane River which lead to an explosive growth of sawmills to process the abundance of lumber in the Pacific Northwest. It has gradually transitioned into of an information based […]

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The New Russian Frontier: Perm

by Daley Wilson 07.27.2011

Does this look familiar?  No, it is not Berlin – it is Perm, Russia.  In a surprising counter to the events I explored at Tacheles in Berlin, economic and cultural development are sought in order to bring back to life a city on the edge of Siberia. This is especially unexpected given the political environment […]

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Book Review: Downtown, INC

by James Conley 07.20.2011

Downtown, INC. written by  Bernard J Frieden and Lynne Sagalyn, professors of Urban Study at MIT was published in 1992 and covers close to 50 years of urban transition through looking at the changes that have occurred to the American city. Through analyzing realized urban projects in a case study method in multiple cities through […]

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The Great Outdoors: God, a Better Architect that I

by James Conley 07.13.2011

The Badlands, South Dakota Black Hills, South Dakota Montana via I-90 Washington via I-90 Stanley Park- Vancouver, British Columbia Lassen Park- Northern California (For the record I did manage to move this a little.)

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Sioux Falls, SD: Event Space in the Village sized City

by James Conley 07.12.2011

Reflecting upon my unexpected stop in Sioux Falls and Billings, Montana I could not help but consider what these cities suggested about the process in which  America’s geography, philosophy, culture and human nature have become realized through the project of the American city. Both cities were surrounded by a gently scattered single family homes, centering […]

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